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The Compass Rose Collection by Maggie Lee started in 2007 with an owner of a Jeanneau sailboat commissioning a custom pendant to match the emblem of her beloved yacht, the emblem being a compass rose. This project led Maggie to research of the origins and meaning of the Compass Rose and She was drawn in. She was captivated by this ancient symbol and how it represented what she strived for in life; true north, adventure, exploration, staying the course, journeys, - all with direction and guidance. As she work on this collection she find herself contemplating the many ways the Compass symbolism can relate to so many different aspects of life. For some it is worn as a Talisman to represents staying on course through the many things we navigate in life.


Sterling Silver Compass Rose

 with Block Island Coordinates engraved on the front and "Block Island" engraved on the back.  Rhodium Plated.         

Available in 2 sizes and in 14k Gold.          



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