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Recognized by locals and loyal visitors alike as the symbolic treasure of Block Island!

The Block Island Hook Bracelet captures the spirit and style of this island and her stunning vistas, diverse eco-system and deep nautical heritage.

The Block Island Southeast Light is forged into a precious metal "B," which is hooked by an "I" in the likeness of a fouled anchor, with the union of the two symbolizing the "hook" that Block Island has on the hearts of millions. The distinctive shape of the island adorns the design as well as 10 wraps of 14 karat gold; signifying the 10 square miles of enchanting beauty that awaits each and every soul.

The Block Island Hook Bracelet is a true symbolic treasure that is sure to remind of the days, weeks, or lifetime of weeks cherished while in the embrace of Block Island. Wear the memories...and relive them...each time you glance at your wrist!

Available in two widths:  3mm - 5mm

Available lengths are:  6.5" - 7" - 7.5"

The Block Island Hook Bracelet is also available in 14 kt white or yellow gold. We can customize them to your wishes with, for instance, a Pavé Diamond anchor, in platinum, sapphire anchors, or Pavé Diamond charms. (Matching rings, pendants, and earrings are also available.)

Please contact us by email or phone (401) 466-2611 for more information.

Carry the Magic of Block Island with you always! Wear the memories!

The Exclusive Handcrafted Block Island Hook Bracelet™

Only at Golddiggers! Order yours today!

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